Tao Te Cha-Ching: A Taoist Approach to Handicapping

In this series of blog posts, I explore ways that Taoist philosophy has shaped my approach to NFL handicapping. I write these to remind myself of values that are important to me, but hope you can find some value in them as well.

My NFL Betting Journey

My singular goal is to win betting on NFL spreads. Given the liquidity and popularity of NFL betting, this could be the most difficult market to beat. But for that reason, it offers the potential for large gains to a bettor who can succeed. My process is unique and always improving, and I believe I am on the journey to long-term success. I created this website to document every bet I place publicly and demonstrate my process in action.

I expect my results to improve over time, particularly starting in the 2023 season with the implementation of a unique betting model that took several years to develop. Still, my all-time record on public bets through 2022 is 239-208-9 (53.5%) for +26.26 Units. Detailed results (including every bet) can be found here:

As part of my process, I watch and grade every snap and create my own metrics to understand teams holistically. For the 2023 season, I will be sharing my analysis through several avenues and my official bets will be posted exclusively in the 4for4.com Discord. You can find my work in several forms:


I take pride in my work but nobody can guarantee success betting on sports. I offer advice for entertainment purposes only. If you have a gambling problem, finding winning bets is not the answer. The only answer is to stop gambling. For help, call 1-800-522-4700.