SharpClarke 2021 Weekly Content

My primary focus during the season will be (1) watching and analyzing the games to maintain detailed team profiles and (2) performing in-depth matchup breakdowns to make effective picks. I’m focused on winning; not putting out content. But here’s what you can expect from me on a weekly basis to help you win this NFL season.

Weekly SharpClarke Content Schedule


All Bets

I place bets throughout the week and send email blasts immediately after I place each bet to Members who have opted in, to ensure good line value. Bets are also added to my picks page.
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Weekly Recap

I analyze every bet I placed the prior week after watching each game and share what I learned and what I can do better moving forward.
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Weekly Spotlight

Each week I draft a comprehensive breakdown of one game that I think showcases my handicapping strategy and how I view that matchup shaking out.
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Pick Announcements

Ten minutes after kickoff of any game in which I placed a bet, I will post my bets on Twitter for accountability and publicity.
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