2021 Season-Long Bets

Official Bets

BetOddsUnitsDate PlacedResultNet
LAC Over 9 Wins(+103)23.30.21 (DK)Push0u
BUF Over 10.5 Wins(-110)14.02.21 (DK)Win+0.91u
LAR to Win NFC(+650) (DK)Win+3.25u
TEN to Miss Playoffs*(+129)14.08.21 (MGM)
6.07.21 (FD)
WAS Under 8 Wins(+110)24.10.21 (DK)Win+2.2u
DET Under 5 Wins(-110)0.554.18.21 (MGM)Win+0.5u
ATL Over 7.5 Wins(-110)14.20.21 (MGM)Loss-1u
P. Mahomes MVP(+600) (MGM)
4.29.21 (DK)
NYG to Win NFC East(+500) (MGM)Loss-0.4u
LAR Over 10 Wins(-110)15.01.21 (MGM)Win+0.91u
SF Over 10 Wins(-140) (MGM)Push0u
MIA Under 9.5 Wins(-135)1.355.12.21 (FD)Win+1u
MIA Under 8.5 Wins(+150) (DK)Loss-0.5u
ARI Under 8 Wins(+115)15.14.21 (MGM)Loss-1u
ARI Under 9.5 Wins(+100)19.18.21 (DK)Loss-1u
PIT Over 8.5 Wins(-105) (FD)Win+1u
PIT Over 8.5 Wins(+115)17.17.21 (DK)Win+1.15u
HOU Under 4 Wins(+105) (FD)Push0u
CLE to win AFC (+850) (FD)Loss-0.2u
CLE Over 10.5 Wins(-105) (FD)Loss-0.5u
CHI Under 7.5 Wins(-120) (FD)Win+0.75u
KC to win Super Bowl(+500) (DK)Loss-0.4u
Z. Wilson OROY(+1000) (DK)Loss-0.2u
NO Over 9 Wins(+110)18.23.21 (FD)Push0u
BUF to win AFC(+490)0.412.11.21 (FD)Loss-0.4u
CIN to win AFC(+900) (DK)Win+2.7u
BUF most points in Playoffs(+1200) (DK)Loss-0.3u
AFC to win SB(+105)11.8.22 (MGM)Loss-1u
Net(7-2-4) (win totals)+5.97 Units

*In April I placed a 3-Unit bet on TEN to miss the playoffs (+135) on MGM, but when they signed Julio in June it altered my analysis significantly. But because I got such a good early price on the initial bet I was able to create an offsetting bet using the updated prices to reduce the play to 1 Unit at very little cost, by placing 2.76 Units on TEN to make the playoffs (-138) on FD. The net result of these two bets is 1 Unit on TEN to miss the playoffs at (+129).


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